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A neighbour near his £3 million Essex mansion — a handsome, ivy-clad building which stands behind manicured hedges — says she hasn’t seen him for quite some time.

Instead they could put up, say, a quarter of that, £500,000, and borrow the remaining £1.5m from another source, yet still claim tax relief on the full £2m. Ingenious’s catalogue includes big box-office successes such as Avatar and two of the Die Hard movies: in fact, the company funded four of the 100 top-grossing movies of all time.

” Because very few people (in the industry) were making a fortune at the time. I kicked myself later, when I found out.’Mrs Hodge might have added that in 2012, she did kick Mr Mc Kenna, verbally speaking, when they locked horns during an inquiry into tax avoidance schemes by the Commons Public Accounts Committee, which she chairs.

For what she had, by then, ‘found out’ was that this Essex builder’s son had amassed much of his vast wealth — estimated at between £500 and £600 million — by devising a film funding scheme that took full advantage of those very tax breaks that New Labour had pioneered.

Robinson and Paxman are among those said to have invested around £50,000.