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Graham Hancock quotes Garcilaso de la Vega: "What we shall call the high altar, although this expression did not exist among the Indians, was to the east, and the roof, which was very high, was of wood, covered with straw.

Even if the ancients of South and Central America knew of Nibiru, how could we find out?

Was such direct evidence lost, or did it never exist in the first place?

Encouraging information has been passed to me by Lee Covino.

After the destruction an attempt was made to understand what the Incas were worshipping at the 'Coricancha' in Cusco.

It was decided that the temple was dedicated to the Sun, based upon the accounts of several Europeans at the time, many who happened to be Dominican friars.

What is most telling, perhaps, is the hanging from the head of the Mayan god.

The combined symbolism is strongly suggestive of the visible Nibiru interacting with the Sun in some way.

Might this heretical religious belief be the true meaning of the widespread devastation of the indigenous culture by the Conquistadores?