Start Badoo dating site scams

Badoo dating site scams

He/she told me that it was late to come, that he/she would come today. I then asked him/her whether she is working with America GMT and she said that she made mistakes, that she wanted to say 3PM. .1 tink about social network s dat wen u collect sumbody nos d 1st u nid 2 do s call d person.

He/she later requested for my pix, I was like, eh, my pix?

He/she was begging me furiously and I said NO, it is not done.

I told her that sending my pic can't satisfy her but coming over to my place that night would be better. He/she told me that he/she would show up @ 2PM, when it was about 5mins to 2PM, I asked for his/her whereabouts, he/she said @home. *Knd of confused here*Didnt u call him/her 2 dictate d voice?

I told him/her that it was late, that I would send it the following day.