Start Bowtech updating stryker crossbow

Bowtech updating stryker crossbow

Excalibur Crossbows and Stryker Crossbows (both owned by Bowtech) both have new models available for 2016 that should be in the running for best crossbows of 2017.

With so many choices, finding out who makes the best crossbow can be quite the challenge. Depending on what factors are deemed important, choices may vary. If so, the Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme, which has been clocked at 440 FPS, may be one you want to try. Then you might want to check out the SA Sports Beowulf crossbow.

Please browse our report on the crossbows and crossbow accessories that we checked out at the ATA Show 2017 in Indianapolis, IN to see what crossbow might be right for you.

Since its invention in the 5th century BC, the crossbow has come a long ways.

Click here to check out the price on the Stryker Solution LS Crossbow.

The slightly heavier (7.85 lb) Inferno Flame comes equipped with the similar accessories as the Inferno Scorch, has a draw weight of 185 lbs, and delivers bolts up to 385 FPS.

The Inferno lineup will be one to try out if you are in search of the best crossbow of 2017.

On the last shot I decided to shoot a different arrow. Last night after posting this I did some investigating and found that the half moon nock was aligned vertically in relation to the cock vane.