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Dating daegu

So if you happen to run out of things to talk about on your first date, you can always distract your company by showing them your best lion impression.

The park, located a short walking distance away from Line 3's aptly named Dalseong Park station, is a popular dating spot for young and old Koreans alike.

Older couples visit for the peace and quiet that this little oasis provides, while younger lovers tend to take a stroll to look at the animals the small zoo inside the park has to offer and get away from busy city life for a while.

When talking about romantic places in Daegu, one simply cannot leave out our very own E-World.

This theme park is, in fact, so romantic that it has 'evening only' tickets just for couples who aren't interested in the rides as much as in the romantic atmosphere that takes over the park as soon as the sun goes down.

Naturally, E-World's rides are nothing to scoff at, but it isn't exactly the most romantic thing in the world to take your date on a rollercoaster ride or force her into a ship-like construct that spins you around like a yoyo.

No, E-World's real dating potential lies in its beautiful location nestled into the greenery of Duryu park and overlooked by Daegu's 83 Tower and its brilliant night time decorations that were clearly conceived of with only one goal in mind: making you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Moreover, to add a touch of class to an already classy evening, there is one incredibly comfy bar called 드보크 (Dvoke) located in one of the alley's side streets where you can end your date in style.