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Dating gyllenhaal jake not

The opening scenes positively shriek blue-collar values as we see Jeff, all limbs intact at this point, going from his job at a wholesale food warehouse to a lively neighbourhood bar (in a place called Chelmsford) where his mother is already half-cut.

Ironically enough, the scent focuses on 'longstanding ideas of romance, love, intimacy and commitment,' according to W which Jake one day wants to see in his future if his interview was any indication of his feelings toward fatherhood.

Along with Calvin Klein ads, Jake can also be found in his new movie, Stronger, released late last month in which he plays Jeff Bauman, a man who loses both of his legs when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon.

And, just weeks later, the Nightcrawler star got just what he asked for, as he was given a taste of what fatherhood might feel like by posing with a faux wife and child for his new Calvin Klein campaign.

In the campaign, Jake is pictured with Ethiopian model Liya Kebede and cute four-year-old actress Leila who he gazes attentively down upon, according to W Magazine.

Another scene, almost painful to watch, sees him waving his star-spangled banner before a Boston Bruins ice-hockey game, while the crowd roars its approval.

For being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is being treated as a hero. Stronger is a film about working-class America, too.

Physically, it’s not easy for an able-bodied actor to play an amputee, but with the help of some very clever sleights of camera he does so brilliantly.