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Free java chat rooms sex naughty flirt

yeah but not too near to me like seeing new years eve in on the balcony with your one and only one theres stuff happening all around but you are wonderfully isolated like going on holiday when youre an enchanted child and being allowed in your parents bed when youre scared at night like the names of all the people you ever been in love with like a warm courtyard on a cold sunny day these pleasures and so much infinitely more but all with such a detachment with such a distance she stood on the porch for ages and in the outside world time moved at another rate a comet shot thru the sky the world was slumbering but alive the earth was hurtling but still a mosquito landed on my arm and it took hours for my hand to travel thru space and squash it then there was blood on my tanned arm and i gently smeared it away then there was more music playing in my head and i attentively listened to it she came back in and cleaned and reloaded the pipe the opium bubbled and the sweetest smoke billowed forth and then the nicest reveries again i’m my dream i live this life and in my life i live this dream and now my mind is truly blown away down the street asleep at the deal i got ripped off again and again but who is the real loser?

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but its too hot to sleep and my friend wants to hear her song we walk down the beach but the water is so warm she says sighing and looking out at the black sea with its reflected equatorial stars suddenly the deck chair collapses and i’m back on the plane the stewardess comes up and gives me a note which said and the other guy just raises his eyebrows quizzically and says nothing before we get to Bangkok i am falling asleep tho dreaming i had woken up in sydney and i was old and cold and told id been asleep i was just a junky having a fix and nodding off again with my partners in crime there was an actor and a girl bass player and a solicitor and the dominatrix and someone who i guess was unemployed but was scoring our stuff and taxing it we were all sitting round discussing all the great junk we’d shot over the years..

someone is saying or something like that i thought about david and his quick ruination the music the mayhem said the article in the NME when i wake up the plane has almost landed there are still thousands of people at the airport although its now 11o’clock at night here it takes forever to find my bag and get through customs a taxi takes us to our hotel weaving through tiny streets eventually there are people cooking food along the side of the street its a real strange smell we get to the hotel actually its pretty good its got an aviary of exotic birds outside and fountains and stuff we all get our keys she says and makes a soft kissing sound and hangs up luckily i have a few days before rehearsals start the next day banga wasnt very happy with me disappearing tho he was sitting round the pool having a beer and perving at some french women said banga and his words hurt for maybe there was a grain of truth in there i tuk tuk to her hotel which is much nicer than ours boy she looks different out of her uniform tho i hardly recognise her as she comes out with her suitcase i give her a quick kiss on the cheek and our cab pulls up to drive us to the bus we drive along and she says an address to the driver we stop outside a little restaurant she says to the driver staring straight ahead we only just catch our bus driving to the ferry to Cosa Met we sit together down the front as the bus bumps over the roads down to the coast after awhile she puts her head on my shoulder and goes to sleep and shes dreaming of that song fucking cold n hideous wind the water is delish tho cold n green becalmed and ready to fly off all them ions in the fire ya know and all the iron in the spinach and all the tea leaf readers in china bored by my brilliant mind im trying to switch off soon an hour to kill on a saturday night before being engulfed the line suggests a melody and if you listen you can hear joni singing it or my dad and my sister kathy….remembering then today was not a healthy day for me last night i could have died i guess random stupid coincidental work none of you know me or each other dont presume it..!

think of your individuality there you are singular you will go out in a spectacularly singular fashion we all will.. wow the sea doth fucking pound the cliffs and the night doth fucking pound the day but for two fucking pounds you could download andromeda Cicciolina in that hotel room with the message on the mirror that appears as ya having yer shower the cars roar by outside oblivious to any of it like lions roaring in the arena having a st paul burger like the arrows that pierce st steven leaving pools of his glamorous blood i was on a tv show and the techies were all pushing me around putting their hands in my pockets and jostling me about trying to get me to throw a punch so they can all jump on me at once following me around jeering at me address i was taken in a car to a chilly windy high street and thrown out in my stupid paisley shirt they sped off leaving me only this descended evening as my conscience yes i am a tame beast but time has bested me invested with gravity and weight the years are sucking me down shouts the two bit poet in some I-bravado im sitting outside at a cafe and my nephew walks by hes tall and thin with a mop of blond hair and we embrace and talk when i die i wish he could download all my tricks i think he could be the heir to this kilbey way as well as lou lou but as females their take is different i wish i could put my music knowledge on a memory stick for this guy to access theres no need to grope in the dark the method is established and could be transmitted instead i will go out in a blaze and all this intuitive blather ive waited so long to acquire will be gone someone should benefit it should be a download available for one million pieces of red kryptonite that will be the day the day you plug in to dead geniuses modi operandi with all the right accessories you can paint like beethoven and sing like T Lautrecs did i am a knight but i move in diagonals you see y’can win easier that way when they dont see that coming in five seconds you can take in picassos 90 years and spit it on prepared paper you can buy mansions by the bay and impress bimbos with facelifts youll be befriended by famous cricketeers n everything ive just mixed up some mahler some rodin and some frank lloyd wrong furniture music on a discus discuss discus compactly and move on to section 3 of paper if you were born on earth apparently we are stardust and golden but i am moon rusted and silvery old youll miss me when im a gone the closer it gets the faster it goes why the morning whirled by in breakfast and seawater and now aftershave and tequila and going to bed and a bag of lollies the sleeping pills are good for you a mixture of antihistamine and mandrake root the waking pills are just some vitamins and some old style third reich speed the tequila is good for you its made from a fucking cactus c’mon the pure white sugar of the cane toad cut with the milk powder of human kindness let the valkyries swoop down upon my fallen body for verily i have died in battle on the beach at Utah or Sword my d day finds me incoherent wounded by the wind the gulls form their arc the rainbows in the blowing surf the golden boys buying fish n chips the sea not giving a toss or a horse i hoarsely scream in my jesters outfit with the death sceptre my music comes on in the supermarket and the cordial bottles unscrew themselves spontaneously and the bananas shudder in their bunches and remember when we added raspberry cordial to riccadonna wine?

and one thousand girls with a banana unpeeling it with their bored indifferences like tonight with tasty dutch lolly and last night with mrs mortality and tomorrow night im doing a gig youre not allowed to ever even hear about huge money oh now i feel sick from all the booze and lollies and talent oh how my head throbs and my toes curl how my veins corrode and my feet protrude how my glands pump their lube round my brains how my nipples get sore under my rashie how my ears sing in steel voices of music made 40 years ago in a fuckin garage how the stimulants stimulate and simulate the simian simple simon says and the frosty ones in the boot for robbo and the boys and those tricky red lights when you just planted your foot and those neon bars with all those young fuckin idiots screaming over the disco glare and you crash into the scene backstage with yer hashish and yer opium opuses and they squeeze up for their photos with you and the other half blitzed celebs and the husbands touch you with wonder and the wives grab your lyrics and the roadies pack up the shambles and the merch guy fucks off with all the cash and all the fuckin drum cases must weigh a ton but ya swan around with yer champers and all the blokes are competing for the invisible bitch as thin as air but shes looking at you now boyo and she wants to repay ya all yer hits but then the babysitter at home has discovered yer mushies and is tripping with all the twins the fire brigade pulls up to put out yer ardour and you come to face to face with that fuckwit from that band you fuckin hate hes being nice to ya now but can ya feel it thru the johnnie walker and the jimmy reed?

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.