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' and is even seen looking people deep in their eyes or handing out hugs.

According to one tester, Samantha 'moans' and reacts to having her breasts touched, and Santos adds that she is able to replicate a female orgasm 'at a higher sex frequency'.

Sex robot fans can fulfil almost any weird fetish - from a doll with three boobs, to one with elf ears to one with a cat tail, according to an adult performer who visited a US Real Doll manufacturer. And they make them super realistic.' In the summer it was reported sex doll 'Fanny' was attracting more customers than real-life prostitutes at the 'Kontakthof' brothel in the Austrian capital of Vienna.'They love the dolls a lot and they want more than one.

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The robot reacts to touch, speaks multiple languages and is even said to be able to learn new things thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Samantha approaches visitors at the festival by asking 'How are you?

Harmony has 30 different faces to choose from, 16 body types, customisable breasts from AA to triple F, 19 different nipple types from 'perky' to 'puffy', and 11 different types of genitalia.