Start Gate of hell 1953 online dating

Gate of hell 1953 online dating

Disgraceful.' Jane knew Alison only as Alan's constituency secretary.

Everything then was quite relaxed and old-fashioned.' When Alison first worked for Alan he had an office in the Department of Trade in Victoria Street, where she often had to go.

When he changed jobs in July 1989 to Defence, her trek was longer, but Alan's driver would sometimes act as her chauffeur. I don't know what's going to happen.' Alison says it was not a physical relationship, just a very intense friendship. (the initials derived from Mr Clark) in her letters. In June 1991, Alan wrote on the back of a sheet of Sotheby's notepaper: 'I bear you no ill-will my darling. 'I'm actually ill, have been for months, lovesick, it's called.

Jane recalls saying to him: 'You are infatuated,' and in one row suggested he look up the word in the dictionary.

Alison says she tried to use his infatuation to get what she wanted, 'which was for him to settle down and do the job'.

Jane had discovered them hidden among cardboard boxes from Westminster, and was immediately curious.

Two opened at her touch and proved to be packed with House of Commons notepaper. In a desk drawer she found a key ring with the right-size key. Easing open the lid, she found a pile of letters, many in their original envelopes.

I do want to make her happy --she's such a good person.' In the same entry he adds that he must get rid of Alison.

When Jane eventually learnt of his feelings for Alison it was a body blow.

Alison was in her 20s when she succeeded Peta Ewing as Alan's constituency secretary in October 1988. She was not Peta's preferred candidate, but at the interview she showed spirit. In those days MPs' secretaries' offices were widely spread, and her desk was round the corner from the Commons in the Cloisters, Dean's Yard. Alison sat, as she recalls, between two Labour MPs' secretaries.

Alan recorded the fact in his diary: 'Peta is leaving to get married. I noted that her hair was wet, for some reason, although it was a fine day.' Wet? 'I don't think you'd have that now: everything is segregated.

On top of them, in her husband's unmistakable hand and with a typically quirky signature and drawing of a tortoise, was a note on Commons embossed paper: The writer of most of the letters was a woman Jane knew: Alison Young, who had been Alan's secretary from the late Eighties until the 1992 General Election, when Alan made one of the biggest mistakes of his career by resigning from the Commons.