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In charge of distributing flyers, brochures, table tents, and other advertising on the Hill–a crucial part of our marketing to students.

Looks after the archive of media articles about and by the Committee and its events, dating from 1962.

The elected Education Director will work directly with the Director of Education and Outreach at CAP UCLA, to develop educational programs and organize events for UCLA students in conjunction with CAP UCLA. (Art Realized Through Students), compiling a database of student artists which SCA draws from for events, as well as makes available to other campus organizations which seek artists of any type.

It is the goal of the Director to help create opportunities for UCLA students to actively participate in the arts and better develop an understanding of the arts. The List Director must work with the Marketing and Publicity Director to spread the word about The List, while also compiling the database and working with other committees to make it available to all.

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Founded in the summer of 1962 by Chancellor Franklin Murphy, the Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA is the student branch of the world renowned Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA (CAP UCLA) , formerly UCLA Live, formerly the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts.

The Co-Directors’ main tasks are to make sure that the Committee fulfills its responsibilities and follows its operating code, as well as organizing and maintaining the operating and programming budgets.

They lead meetings and facilitate group discussion while directing all other Committee positions and providing oversight for proposals, programming, funding, and co-programming.

Some computer design experience with Adobe Photo Shop, Illustrator, and In Design is necessary.