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From the exuberant recollections of a typical teenager, to the simmering rage of citizens forced to sign loyalty oaths, filmmaker Emiko Omori renders a poetic and illuminating picture of a deeply troubling chapter in American history.

Thank You For Playing Feature Film PBS Premiere: Oct.

24, 2016 When Ryan Green, a video game programmer, learns that his young son Joel has cancer, he and his wife begin documenting their emotional journey with a poetic video game.

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While looking for her butterfly necklace, she instead finds a gun.

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This short documentary offers a visceral snapshot of the day-in-the-life inside one of the most notorious supermax prisons in the U. Related Film: Our Voices Are Rarely Heard Motherland Feature Film Motherland is an absorbingly intimate, verite look at the busiest maternity hospital on the planet, in one of the world's most populous countries: the Philippines.

The Board of Directors of SIX has appointed Jos Dijsselhof Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with effect from 1 January 2018.

He succeeds Urs Rüegsegger, who announced in May 2017 that he would be retiring.

He searches for a cure, yet a different miracle comes his way.

Two Towns of Jasper Feature Film Encore Broadcast: Jan.

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