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Ukip have denied that their new lion-themed party logo is in risk of breaching the copyright of the Premier League, despite its obvious likeness.

But Scout leaders throughout the crowd could have controlled their Scouts simply by standing up, facing them and giving them the Boy Scout sign, which Rowell said is the recognized signal for quiet.

He can also vividly recall lessons in “citizenship in the nation, citizenship in the community and citizenship in the home” that were drilled into him, culminating in Rowell becoming an Eagle Scout in 1966.

Rowell has proudly kept his Eagle Scout badge in his home office in Moorhead, at least until last week, when he drove to the Fargo Boy Scout office and gave it back.

It was decided by Ukip members but it looks strikingly similar to the Premier League’s own purple lion logo, which was launched in February 2016 and used from the beginning of the 2016/17 season.

contacted the Premier League for comment but it refused to confirm whether it would consult lawyers but confirmed it was aware of Ukip’s new logo.

“So we're perfectly comfortable with the lion we put forward and we're perfectly comfortable with the vote to adopt it by the membership.

John Rowell can fondly recall memories from his days as a Boy Scout in the early 1960s, the adventures of wilderness camping and canoeing with his buddies in Troop 211 in Fargo.

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