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Some of their albums up to then were absolutely fantastic. But from 'Under Wraps' onwards things were, simply, terrible.

I love alot of their stuff up to and including Broadsword.

Just remember, though - BE CAREFUL when buying a Jethro Tull album. Granted not as good as earlier material, but far better than the crap I here on radio in Tampa Florida, that I can guarantee you.

Just as many, if not more, of the group's albums are mediocre or bad as are very good or great. That's why I'm here - to tell you which albums I think are the good ones. Jamie Anthony ( Well, I'm a hardcore Jethro Tull fan, and you got my Tullian philosophy pretty right. Maybe you haven't gotten around to listening to them, but if you think that Tull's last good album is Broadsword... Tull is a great band, somebody must like them there going on thirty-two years of music.

It's true that Jethro Tull are also one of those bands which are massive in a way, and yet hardly anyone you meet on the street will even know who they are (like Yes, or Crimson, or, well, almost any Prog band) - I guess that's what's called a "cult" band - they have a limited following, but boy, that limited following is a heard of Jethro Tull who seem to share your views on them - a good band who did too much. Still, I've always thought that when it comes to art (or music), it's better for it rather than everyone to like it. For one thing, there's always a Tull album that reflects the listening mood I'm in, thanx to the diversity of each album. Where are they now, touring with Yes, making Disney songs, or propping up Donny Osmand's career? While I love all three, I find it hard to figure out why you rated Too Old highest.

I am one to listen to lyrics also, and Ian Anderson's lyrics are some of the most intelligent and thought-provoking I've heard. You seem to be stuck on melody, try three blind mice. I would have ranked them completely opposite of you.

The thing is, while "Aqualung" is a great song (as is most every song on the album), it is certainly not the group's finest moment.

And this is where hardcore prog-rock fans come in with all their might.

He became much more concerned with flooding the world with poetic manifestations of his views on God, organized religion and how much critics hated him than with making the kind of entertaining music he had been able to do before ...