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Updating clamtk

This is not an insignificant hurdle for many people.

The only help you’re going to get is through Linux forums, IRC channels, mailing lists, and occasionally fantastic Linux blogs such as . I fix my own computers, and vastly prefer talking via typed messages over the Internet, than in person or over the telephone. But for many, this is horrible and a valid reason to avoid Linux.

All these pointless competing products make it difficult for Linux promoters to make clear recommendations, and make it difficult for newcomers to figure out what the hell is going on. The current version of Ubuntu runs slower on my powerful gaming desktop than 8.04 (Hardy Heron) did on my then old Pentium 4 laptop.

While you can run Linux on a wider variety of exotic systems than its competitors, it often chokes on common hardware. Many hardware manufacturers don’t provide support for Linux, so developers are left to reverse engineer support. You can’t simply purchase video card that plugs into your computer. There’s a good chance that will give you some trouble. I hope it doesn’t require any special drivers or software to get the pictures off. It’s kind of sad that I no longer notice any performance difference between the most recent version of Fedora and Windows. I feel like an i Phone salesman apologizing for an i OS update that crippled everyone’s old i Phone. I am an engineering student, and I absolutely need Windows. Everyone keeps saying how great Libre Office is, but for many tasks, Microsoft Office is the only way to go.

This isn’t a purely Ubuntu problem, and it isn’t restricted to user interfaces.